Type of Cases Handled

Type of Cases Handled
  • Immigration 
  • Labor Trafficking
  • Illegal Recruitment
  • Violence Against Women 
  • Labor/Employment
  • Death Penalty cases
  • DREAMers

Immigration (Deportation & Detention)

Gideon and Rica Tonog talk to J.T.S. Mallonga, Esq.   (Filipino Reporter photo)

“The closure of our deportation proceedings is a welcome relief. We thank God, as well as FALDEF and the ICE for this decision.” Gideon said.

Labor Trafficking/Illegal Recruitment

40 Filipino seasonal workers were recruited in the Philippines,all ended up residing in one 3 bedroom apartment.


VAWA (Violence Against Women Act)

A Filipina and her US husband have been married for 10 years with one child. The Filipina, a battered wife, was never petitioned.  She left the husband because he was sexually molesting their daughter.


The Filipina lost her custody case, with reason being that she continues to be a non-resident.  FALDEF moved in to file for green-card under the VAWA (same is still pending).  Should she get her green card, not only can she stay in the US permanently but can once more fight for her daughter's custody.  The daughter is now living with her grandparents in Pittsburgh (where incidentally the father is also staying).


800 Filipino teachers in Maryland Labor Case: Loss of Immigration Status, Loss of  Employment


Jose Antonio Vargas, the acclaimed multi-media journalist,  has retained the Filipino American Legal Defense and Education  Fund, Inc.(FALDEF)  to help him in his advocacy of the DREAM Act as well as to render legal assistance on his quest and that of thousands of fellow DREAMers to pursue the American Dream. (Global Nation Inquirer)










The Gulfin family of Tinton Falls, N.J. will not board the flight that will send them back to the Philippines on Sept. 30, 2011, as the Filipino American Legal Defense and Education Fund (FALDEF) asked U.S. immigration to hold in abeyance the deportation until it decides the fate of the Filipino family in light of a new federal policy ordering authorities to exercise “prosecutorial discretion” on removal proceedings and suspend deportations of those who pose no threat to national security or public safety. Miguel Gulfin is believed to be the first case of "DREAMer", who is actually in imminent danger of deportation.  (Filipino Reporter)